…to Menschel Applied Photographic Art, run by Sven Menschel, a Wageningen based photographer specialized in portraits and events.

Sven has a crucial interest in a variety of subjects within the fine arts, esp. the Dutch old masters and the compositions of modern painting and photography. After inbreathing the richness of cultural heritage spread over Europe, he decided to move his career from science to applied art.

Sven’s passion lies in grasping the emotions, the life and joy that occur on any event. “There is no warmer and prouder feeling than looking back on the photos of an event and finding back these emotions and joy that made the event to what it was”.

The second base on his photography is the portraiture. The old art of shaping a person’s character or telling a story of a person with light in a single photo is the big motivation in his drive. Balancing, composing, experimenting with depth, patterns and guided lines also with help of the newest software is what separates his work from others.

“I always have two clients, the one that hired me and the esthetic”



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